Your 2022 Life Coach Marketing Plan PDF (Web-Friendly)

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January 26, 2022
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January 27, 2022

Your 2022 Life Coach Marketing Plan PDF (Web-Friendly)

Are you looking for a life coach marketing plan PDF for your coaching business? If yes, then there is no need to look anywhere else. Because we have prepared a simple life coach web marketing plan you can use for your coaching business.

Get ready for 2022 with a life coach marketing plan PDF

The New Year is just around the corner and you’re probably looking for life coach marketing plan PDFs on the Internet to develop your marketing plan for 2022. However, finding a perfect life coach marketing plan PDF is never easy. 

Therefore, we’ve come up with a simple life coach marketing plan PDF for the life coaching community. It will help you create your own web-friendly marketing plan for your life coaching business. Feel free to rearrange the order to fit your own schedule in 2022.

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January: First things first – start with determining your web marketing budget. Decide the amount you are willing to spend monthly or quarterly on marketing activities. It will also make it easier for you to decide what to spend your budget on. Additionally, you also need to spare some time for web marketing campaigns for your coaching business. 

February: Audit your life coaching business’s website. Properly review the content and discard anything outdated or that no longer reflects who you are. You need to understand the fact nothing else turns off your life coaching prospects faster than an outdated website. Research your target audience, find the right keyword and begin creating the perfect copy for your advertising campaigns. At this stage, you can experiment with different combinations of keywords, ad copy, and any relevant article, if they are still within the bounds of your business strategy.

March: Audit your life coaching business’s website at more advanced levels. Review your traffic reports and make decisions whether you need to update your website or not. Moreover, you need to decide whether neglected pages should be removed or promoted. Additionally, you can also ensure all navigational bars, web links, contact forms and search functions are working. 

April: Start searching for and reading blogs related to the life coaching industry. Make sure that you are reading blogs of your main competitors. 

May: Start your own blog as blogs are becoming an integral part of life coaching business communication. Moreover, blogs will be a good source for you to connect with your existing clients as well as your prospects. 

June: Subscribe to email newsletters by your competitors. Your competitors’ newsletters are good resources for getting ideas and tips for your business.

July: Start your own newsletter as it is a cost-effective web marketing tool for your life coaching business. However, if you are already doing it, try some new ideas and be creative and offer some incentives as well. 

August: Troll discussion boards in the life coaching industry and keep yourself updated on what your prospects are looking for. It will help you offer coaching services that meet their needs. 

September: Start listening to podcasts relevant to life coaching businesses and the industry. Try to understand how your competitors are using podcasts in their marketing campaigns. 

October: Consider starting podcasts for your own life coaching business. Using podcasts will help you greatly in your web marketing campaigns. 

November: Start submitting your written articles to article directories. Ensure that you include your website link in the article. Quality incoming links (also known as backlinks) will significantly enhance your website’s findability in search engines. 

December: Add a “Share this page” button to your website pages. It will be your word-of-mouth advertising as people typically rely heavily on the recommendations by friends and family to find quality information. 

A successful web marketing plan requires a lot of planning, monitoring, and adjusting so you can ensure that it is properly aligned with your overall business strategy. By verifying that all your online marketing efforts compliment your corporate message, you will be able to reap the full profits of branding.

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