When Expert Leaders Act, Here’s What They Do

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February 17, 2021
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February 17, 2021

When Expert Leaders Act, Here’s What They Do


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Beth Walker, who attended today’s live webinar, posted this on LinkedIn:

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support veterans

Monday’s Episode

280: How to Support Veterans in Your Workplace: I welcomed Eugenia Weiss to the show to teach us how to support veterans at work. She is the co-editor of the book The Civilian Lives of U.S. Veterans: Issues and Identities* and Supporting Veterans in Higher Education: A Primer for Administrators, Faculty, and, Advisors*.

Key Points

  • Military and civilian cultures are very separate, and sometimes it’s difficult to transition back into civilian life.
  • Most veterans with combat experience won’t have PTSD, it’s about 15%-30% that do. The effects of PTSD vary from person to person.
  • In the past, service members typically had several weeks of transport time between combat roles and home, now it’s only a couple of days. This doesn’t allow them much time to process their experiences.
  • Don’t be afraid to engage with veterans and talk about their experiences, just do it with care and concern. Most veterans do want to talk about their experiences.
  • Volunteering for a veteran’s group can be very rewarding both for you and for the veterans you’re helping.

Organizations Supporting Veterans

Quick Reads

Leaders Are More Powerful When They’re Humble, New Research Shows: This is the line that caught my attention: “Humble leaders have less employee turnover, higher employee satisfaction, and they improve the company’s overall performance.”

Why Employers Are Rushing to Offer Unlimited Vacation: Not sure I agree with the word “rushing” in the title, but like this idea and hearing about some of the early experiments.

Obama’s Secret to Surviving the White House Years: Books: If you’re a bookworm too, you’ll find this an interesting read.

In-Depth Reads

In Praise of the Incomplete Leader: I can’t help but notice how the tone of this article lines up so well with the advice from expert guests on the podcast. One of the co-authors is Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline*, the leading book on organizational learning.


Inhabiting Executive Presence: Tom Henschel aired this episode last week on The Look & Sound of Leadership podcast. I like the three steps he identifies for leaders. It’s a great complement to the conversation I had with Muriel Maignan Wilkins late last year.

Just For Fun

Africa (Toto cover): Jeff Hall, the brother of Greg Hall, one of our Academy members — is featured in this great cover of a classic song. I may have watched it a few times…

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