What You Need to Be a Coach – How About a Coaching Certification?

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November 26, 2021
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What You Need to Be a Coach – How About a Coaching Certification?

Is a coaching certification what you need to be a coach in today’s marketplace? Short answer, No. A longer answer is that it depends on how relevant and marketable you want to be. Let me explain further.

Coaching, a Non-Regulated Field

Frequently, we see this question get asked by folks curious about the coaching profession. There is a ton of information about life coaching and other niches of coaching. The bottom line is the field of coaching is unregulated, meaning there is currently no federal or state governmental oversight requiring coaches to be certified or licensed. However, there is the possibility that it just might become a requirement in the near future if the need for professional coaches continues to rise at the rate it is.

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Coaching Credentials – Is it Recommended?

Yes, it is strongly recommended.

Although coaching certification and even coach training aren’t mandatory requirements to becoming a professional coach, both are highly recommended for credibility purposes and to make yourself more marketable to prospective clients. Several clients, both single and group (i.e., organizations, small businesses), are more than ever requesting coaches to be credentialed by recognized credentialing coaching agencies like the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Some will dispute this and say that people, i.e prospective clients, don’t care about your coaching certification;maybe that was true three or four years ago, but not so today. People do care!

What You Need to be a Coach: What You Need to Know!

Many people out there call themselves coaches who aren’t credentialed or completed any type of coach training and have no interest or plans of doing so. The question is, how dependable, effective are they? Are they meeting their client’s expectations? Are they finding the coaching profession lucrative/financially rewarding? Are they limiting themselves by not being certified? These are all questions to ponder over.

What you need to be a coach does not entail much? It is essential to know that at the moment, coaching credentials are not mandatory as mentioned earlier. It is a decision only you can make if to consider getting certified or not. Your motivation to become a coach and your purpose for coaching will determine in the long run if becoming a trained and certified coach is necessary for you to achieve your goals. It is good to be aware that coaches come from various backgrounds. Everyone brings something to the table; work experiences, previous careers in nursing, customer service, marketing, personal fitness, teaching as well as life experiences, etc. and so, choosing a niche in coaching where you can effectively use your skills are vital to being an effective coach for your clients. One last thing to keep in mind should you decide to seek certification and coach training is that the purpose of being credentialed and trained as a coach is to obtain specialized knowledge to develop your coaching career further. In addition, to stay relevant and marketable in the industry, and help your credibility as a professional coach.

In summary, what you need to be a coach is commitment, hard work, the motivation and passion to work with others to help them realize their goals.  And finally it is important to remember and understand that every decision you make determines if you are going to be able to stay marketable, relevant and effective as a coach in today’s marketplace.

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Margaret K. Olubiyi
Life Coach
Writer, Coaches Training Blog community

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