What to Know About End of Life Coaching

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July 27, 2021
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July 27, 2021

What to Know About End of Life Coaching

Have you checked out what the end of life coach salary looks like? Before you embark on this challenging yet fulfilling career, it might be necessary for you to see if you can sustain yourself financially. 

What is End of Life Coaching?

End of Life Coaching is a niche of life coaching that is still new to people.  However, it has become a necessity in recent years, especially in the last year due to the massive number of deaths brought on by the COVID – 19 pandemic that has left several loved ones grieving. The number of individuals entering this coaching specialty is on the rise. End of life coaching is a process whereby support is offered to the dying and those who are grieving. It is a challenging role, yet at the same, it is fulfilling and appreciated by those who have had the opportunity to use end of life coaches. The coach helps to bring some normalcy to the grieving and transition process from life to death.

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The Role of End-of-Life Coaches And Fundamental Skills to Possess

What do end of life coaches do? An end of life coach also often used interchangeably with a grief coach, and sometimes “thanadoulas” is a  coaching professional who is responsible for creating a ‘safe space’ in which the person feels comfortable to express their feelings, and whatever else he wants to share. This individual comes alongside clients in a thought-provoking and creative process to help them get clarity on what is important to them and what actionable steps they may want to take to achieve their objectives for the present and future (continuity of  life after death for loved ones left behind). The coach must ask powerful open-ended questions to enable their clients to open up. To be successful as an end-of-life coach, you must possess the right skills for the job. This includes empathy/compassion, active listening skills, patience, emotional stability (i.e., staying strong, focused, and working well under duress).  

End of Life Coaches provide the following types of services/support:

  • Grief and bereavement support to their clients who are dying and their loved ones, helping them make sense of the entire experience.
  • Accessing mental health/behavioral health support services and hospice services.
  • Care coordination services to help determine needs for the client and family members. 
  • Implementation of Advance Care Directives, Living Will, and other legally related information.
  • Support with funeral planning, and placement of death announcements in the newspapers.
  • Respite support for primary caregivers to prevent burnout and possible health problems.

Factors Affecting The End of Life Coach Salary   

It is important to be honest with yourself about the financial implications of embarking on a career in coaching. If you are still working full-time in another profession and considering leaving or going part-time, ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

So, what is the end of life coach salary like? 

Well, it typically depends on several factors, which include the following: certification, training, geographical location, multiple streams of income, the number of clients you will have, years of experience, skills, and if you are planning to work independently or for an agency. The average annual salary of an end-of-life coach ranges from $27,100 to $73,100 in the United States. 

Remember, this is contingent upon all these factors mentioned. With multiple streams of income, this salary range could be higher. 

An end-of-life coach is an advocate:a necessary support professional for those who are dying and the loved ones who are grieving. The end of life coach salary can be pretty impressive. Depending on how you market yourself and other factors mentioned in the previous paragraph, you will find the job to be fulfilling and quite financially rewarding. 

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