Top 10 Lessons from The Prosperous Coach Chapters

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July 27, 2021
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Top 10 Lessons from The Prosperous Coach Chapters

In this article, we are going to share with you 10 things you can learn from The Prosperous Coach chapters. Written by Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler, this book shares valuable insights on how to create a successful coaching practice. After reading each Prosperous Coach chapter, you will learn how to get clients, become more disciplined, charge higher fees, and sell with confidence. The book was published in 2013 and it has 277 pages with 69 chapters. Let’s dive into some of the lessons you can learn from the book and apply them to your coaching business.

10 things you can learn from The Prosperous Coach chapters

  1. Have deep conversations to get clients.

You must have deep conversations with your clients to show them the power of coaching and leave an impact on them. This is the best way to make them realize the value of coaching.

  1. Always approach clients with a helping hand.

Litvin and Chandler share some tips on how to convert normal conversations into potential clients. To approach your clients, you can ask them “Do you want some help with that”?

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  1. Work even if you don’t feel motivated.

Another thing that we can learn from the Prosperous Coach chapters is that if you want to achieve success in the coaching field, you have to work hard. The more time you invest in your business, the more your business will grow.

  1. Write articles and books to get more clients.

The big question for most coaches is how to find people to start conversations. The solution is: Write articles, books, and speeches. This is a long-term strategy because when people read your books, they think that you are an expert, and they will reach out to you.

  1. Make a life-changing impact on someone’s life.

Try to understand what exactly your client wants. This is not what they tell you in the beginning– you have to dig deeper to discover their real needs.

  1. Never doubt yourself.

Coach without fear. Some of the beginner coaches always doubt themselves and wonder if they are good enough. Don’t be afraid of rejection; the more people you coach, the more confidence you gain.

  1. You get paid for solving problems.

In coaching, you don’t get paid for talking with clients, you get paid to solve problems in their life and help them achieve their goals.

  1. If people need your coaching, they will find the resources.

There might be some situations in which people want your coaching services, but they don’t have enough money to pay your fees. But the truth is, in such cases, they are probably still considering. When people want something that provides value to them, they will find the money to buy it.

  1. Convince them to become your client.

Another important thing that you can learn from The Prosperous Coach book is that always end up from where you started, i.e., refocus on what your clients want and how you can help them. Always end your conversation with a positive vision about their goals.

  1. Offer some value to your clients when you contact them again.

When you contact your clients again, never ask them directly whether they made up their mind or not. Always offer them a new idea and a new story to convince them to become a repeat customer.

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