Thoughts on Ken Robinson’s Out of Our Minds Chapters 1 and 2

The 2 Kinds of Learning
April 24, 2022
Thoughts on Ken Robinson’s Out of Our Minds Chapter 3
April 24, 2022

Thoughts on Ken Robinson’s Out of Our Minds Chapters 1 and 2

Ideas on Ken Robinson’s Out of Our Minds Phases 1 as well as 2

Robinson plainly calls out that the emperor– in this instance, the present design of education and learning– has no clothing. With his doctorate, rushing great appearances, amusing jokes, as well as British accent, he is the ideal voice to call out the dismaying obviousness of the present, stopping working education and learning system.

The March publication for the EDU Publication Club is Out of Our Minds: Knowing to be Innovative by Ken Robinson. I simply completed checking out the initial 2 phases, as well as truthfully, I am gone nuts.

He outlines the trouble with utter simpleness.

Innovation is transforming our culture at such a quick rate that our education and learning system is woefully outdated. Colleges are still maximized to generate manufacturing facility employees for fabric mills. In the meanwhile, smart devices as well as nanotechnology are running laps around the present educational program.

Every 53 mins a buzzer hums. It informs trainees to relocate along to the following quit on their production line education and learning. This is the following insertion of expertise they’ll need to spit up for precision in standard examinations.

It would certainly be nearly absurd if the entire circumstance weren’t so unfortunate.

I have actually lead loads of workshops where I state just how education and learning is based upon a commercial design. I discuss just how outdated it is as well as just how it is harming youths. Nonetheless, Robinson takes that message to an entire brand-new degree. I’m just 2 phases right into this publication, as well as I am understanding just how also I have actually undervalued the speedy activity of modern technology. It is continuously as well as amazing to think about what it is mosting likely to have the ability to achieve in the following pair years.

I was considering Twitter today, at innovations in expert system nanotechnology, as well as I understood that the future has actually currently happened.

2 inquiries:

  1. Will you resemble the phone call that the emperor has no clothing?
  2. Will others pay attention?

And also I think there’s a 3rd concern: What will we change the present system of education and learning with? My hope is an Academic Life Training design.


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