Thoughts on Chapter 6 of Ken Robinson’s Out of Our Minds

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April 24, 2022
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April 24, 2022

Thoughts on Chapter 6 of Ken Robinson’s Out of Our Minds

Ideas on Phase 6 of Ken Robinson’s Out of Our Minds

Robinson specifies imagination as the procedure of having initial concepts that have worth (web page 151). He highlights 3 search phrases pertaining to being imaginative: procedure, initial, and also worth.


It ends up, that it is the procedure of being imaginative that is satisfying. Robinson refers psycho therapist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s publication Circulation, which checks out ideal experience. Circulation is the state where job and also incentive thaw with each other, and also success normally originates from the procedure.


Making the jump and also going to be incorrect, takes nerve. At its core, imagination is an act of nerve. Being initial calls for taking dangers, and also however the education and learning system shows individuals to reduce danger. Trainees are rated on approximately efficiency, out the greatest quality accomplished. The grading system motivates trainees to highlight uniformity over imagination. Nevertheless, if you’re not prepared to be incorrect, and also you’re not prepared to be imaginative.


Worth is where the rubber satisfies the roadway. It suggests that the imaginative procedure entails others. Being imaginative aside, in one’s head, may be enjoyable to the person, yet it’s not always producing anything for others to utilize or appreciate. Imagination is basically a team workout, including communication with others.

2 Takeaways

My very first takeaway: our existing grading system plainly prefers uniformity over imagination. As well as this is to imagination’s hinderance. Valuing uniformity is great. Valuing uniformity in efficiency appears all-natural. We require high requirements, right?

Right– in particular scenarios where there is a clear requirement for uniformity like a manufacturing facility. However when uniformity is required throughout knowing, finding out ends up being even more concerning confirming skill than attempting points out. This existing technique actually shows individuals to embrace a taken care of frame of mind.

The 2nd takeaway is the social element of imagination in producing worth. The false impression of the separated imaginative contributes to the mysteriousness of the procedure for trainees. Instead, it’s the exchange of concepts and also comments that enliven imagination.

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