The Way to Conduct One-On-Ones

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February 15, 2021
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February 16, 2021

The Way to Conduct One-On-Ones

How can I start coaching my team regularly? What expectations should I set for consistent communication? Exactly what are you supposed to do during a one-on-one meeting?

Those are a just a few of the questions I’ve heard from our listening community in the past few months — and why I jumped at the opportunity to chat with Zvi Band when I heard that Contactually had established a good system for this.

This Week’s Show

Zvi Band

246: The Way to Conduct One-On-Ones

Zvi Band from Contactually shares how his organization conducts one-on-ones and how their strategy leads to results. In this week’s episode, he talks about some of the struggles they’ve had, how they frame one-on-one meetings today, and the mindset that managers use when meeting with employees.

The show notes are posted on the Coaching for Leaders website as well as a number of articles from Zvi on employee interactions. For those also looking for a great customer relationship management system for themselves or their organization, Contactually is worth a serious look.

Quick Reads

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CFL143: Accepting Feedback With Sheila Heen of Difficult Conversations: I seem to be having lots more dialogue than normal with clients about how to solicit feedback. I often recommend this past episode and Sheila’s excellent question under point #5 in these notes.


Callibran: One of our Mastermind members recently passed along this YouTube channel. There’s a bunch of intriguing visual book reviews of some of the best reads for leaders. A great way to decide what you want to read next.

From My Desk

The Difference Between Manipulation and Leadership: What I’ve discovered about this important distinction.

Just For Fun

20 Comics Show The Life Of An Introvert: My fellow introverts may appreciate these. Bonni and I can both relate to #15.

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