The Coaches “Inner Desk”

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March 11, 2022
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The Coaches “Inner Desk”

I thought starting a coaching business would be easier…

That it wouldn’t be hard.

But IT IS hard.

Every coaching guru that tries to sell you the “easy way”…

…or the “done for you” way…

…is missing the mark.

Few coaches find an “easy way” to create a coaching business.

But do you NEED an easy way?



The first time I recorded a video…

…I thought it would be simple.

I bought all the right equipment…

(or so I thought)

…and then I made mistake,

after mistake,

after mistake.

An unmanaged mind is like a messy desk.

When I finally finished the video…

(or so I thought)

…I realized my audio failed to record properly.

Frustrated, I went on a rant about not being good at technology.

I complained that technology was “too hard for me”.

I felt like quitting.

Then I heard a quiet voice inside me say…

“You can do hard things.”

How do you do the hard things in your coaching business?

You must manage your mind.

An unmanaged mind is like a messy desk.

Messy desk area

The mess makes you inefficient

…fumbling around for what you need.

That messy desk makes you lose things

…just like that messy mind will make you forget your own power.

The messy desk is chaotic and unpredictable (you never know what’s underneath the mess).

The messy mind generates…

  • chaotic and unpredictable EMOTIONS
  • chaotic and unpredictable ACTIONS
  • chaotic and unpredictable PERFORMANCE
  • chaotic and unpredictable RESULTS

But when your “desk” is clear, clean, and managed…

…you can see what you need.

…you can see what you’re missing.

…you can see what to do.

When your “desk” is clear, clean, and managed, you’re not distracted.

The same goes for your mind.

Think of your mind as your “inner desk”.

Your mind is your MAIN TOOL in your coaching business.

Your “inner desk” is all you’ve got.

When your coaching business is hard…

When you have trouble with a coaching client…

When you fail to meet your coaching goals…

When the coaching business gets frustrating…

Are you distracted?

Do you blame your circumstances?

Do you want to run away?

Do you cycle through anger, sadness, fear, or other negative emotions?

Your mind is your MAIN TOOL in your coaching business.”

That’s not because of your coaching business.

That’s because your “inner desk” is a mess.

Don’t blame your circumstances!

(as if your dog made a mess, and you had to clean it up)

Instead, get clear about your thoughts so you can manage your brain (your “inner desk”).

You must listen to your thoughts so you can manage them.

Allowing the circumstances of your coaching business to dictate what you do?That’ll leave you telling yourself “It’s too hard”.

Growth Action

THEN what do you think you’ll do?

You’ll feel discouraged

…or frustrated

…or that you can’t handle your coaching business.

I’ve seen some of the smartest coaches seem so weak and fearful…

…thinking they’re helpless

…simply because they weren’t managing their mind at the time.

The road of the unmanaged mind

…ends in quitting.

Don’t let yourself quit.

Don’t let your mind go unmanaged.

Don’t let your “inner desk” stay in shambles.

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Instead, tell yourself “I can do hard things.”

You’ll feel determined


…or at least somewhat optimistic.

You’ll clean up your “inner desk”.

And, chances are, you’ll keep taking action in your coaching business.

The end of that road?




A world that YOU changed for the better.

There will still be challenges along that road!

But you can avoid many of them with a little planning (or at least you’ll know what to expect).

If I give you directions to my house…

…and warn you that there is a pothole in the road…

…when you hit it…

…you know it’s just a pothole.

You’ll keep driving.

You’ll expect it.

And you may even avoid the pothole altogether!

When you take action from a “clean space” in your coaching business…

…you’ll move forward.

You’ll learn from your successes and failures.

You’ll learn from your successes and failures.”

You’ll make real progress.

Eventually, you will overcome the obstacles that stop other coaches.

You will break away from the mediocrity of the masses

…and you will become a leader.

Every time you hit an obstacle…

…you get to make that choice.

What will you tell yourself?

“It’s too hard” ?


“I can do hard things!” ?

Your choice determines your destiny.

You CAN do hard things.

You are a coach.

You lead where others fail, because you are committed to serving your coaching clients.

Those clients depend on you to succeed.

How will they succeed if you don’t?

Clean up your mind.

Focus on what needs to be done.


Colette “Hard Core” Coiner

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