February 10, 2022
Coach and Client in Great Rapport

Rapport: The Magic Ingredient in Relationships by Steve Mitten, MCC | The Launchpad

In this brief but compelling article from Steve Mitten”s archives, he helps us explore the value and purpose of rapport, an essential element of our coaching […]
June 8, 2022
Happy Coach in grey Suit with Crossed Arms

The Problem With Selling ‘Coaching’ | By Steve Mitten, MCC | The Launchpad

An usual advertising and marketing error Among one of the most usual advertising and marketing errors trainers make, is to attempt and also offer “Mentoring”. The […]
June 9, 2022
Coach with Client in Office

Why Have a Niche? With 5 Steps to Find Your Best Coaching Niche | By Steve Mitten, MCC | The Launchpad

Residence” Training Blog Site” Expand Your Training Organization” Discover Your Particular Niche” Why Have a Specific niche? With 5 Actions to Discover Your Finest Training Particular […]
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