Save the Date! Sitewide CYBER SALE 2021: Save 25% Sitewide Nov 22-29!

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November 12, 2021
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November 14, 2021

Save the Date! Sitewide CYBER SALE 2021: Save 25% Sitewide Nov 22-29!

Originally Posted on The Coaching Tools Company as Save the Date! Sitewide CYBER SALE 2021: Save 25% Sitewide Nov 22-29!

We’re excited to offer you 25% off ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING again this year!

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Mark Your Calendars: November 22 – 29

With 2022 coming up fast, now is a great time to try us out or buy that toolkit you’ve been thinking about. Save time, energy and start the new year – ready to go and brimming with confidence!

Get 25% off Absolutely EVERYthing Sitewide*

The 25% discount is automatically applied. Please note that most other coupon codes won’t work while the sale is on.

Wondering what to buy? Here are the Top Sellers from our big Fireworks Sale in July:

  1. Coaching Tools MEGAPack! was $295  Save $73, will be just 221.25!
  2. Renew YOU, Love Your Life! Coaching Program in a Box was $197 , will be just 147.75
  3. Business Coaching Toolkit was $197 , will be just 147.75
  4. Welcome Pack Toolkit was $47,  will be just 35.25

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  1. *NEW* Daily Social Media Graphic Quotes! Get a complete month of brandable, done-for-you inspiring quotes! Check out the options here >>
  2. Social Media Graphics: Get 3 Complete Months of done-for-you, organized Social Media Graphics! Oh-so-easy to pre-post and be totally ready for 2022 with 107 Graphics for Coaches Q1 (January-March)! was $197, will be 147.75.
    OR get the 365 Days of Social Media GRAPHICS: The Ultimate Full Year Mega-Bundle! was $459, will be 344.25 (a saving of well over $100!)
  3. All our $59 Toolkits, will be just $44.25 – including the Vision & Goal-Setting Toolkit (perfect with 2022 just around the corner), Self-Discovery Toolkit, Career Coaching Toolkit, Life Balance & Self-Care, Productivity & Time Management Toolkit.
  4. Popular any time, the Inside a Coach’s Heart Social Media GRAPHICS Package! was $29, will be 21.75
  5. Finally, if you have Spanish Speaking clients you may like our Paquete de Bienvenida (en Español) was $47,  will be 30.55

We hope you’ll join us! If you haven’t bought anything yet, this Cyber Monday Sale is the ideal time to start – even if it’s just an individual tool ($7.46 instead of the usual $9.95!).

* Please Note: All prices are in USD.

Warmly, Emma-Louise

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