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  • About Coaching has changed my life for the better, i came into this process unsure of my path but knew i was stuck in life and needed guidance. It turned out through the amazing life-altering process the answers are deep inside all of us. Thank you About Coaching, i am now firmly on a road of change & i feel success. Great to get unstuck and start moving in life. Highly recommended.
    Fran McGinnity
  • Amazing experience, i knew i needed some guidance or a push in the right direction but it's only looking back now to see how far i have come. I am so happy i started this process, there was so many aspects of my life that i was unhappy with. Now i am on the right path for all these area's in my life. I still have consistent work to do but for the first time in a very long time, i feel in control of my life and i am focusing on doing the things i want to do and edging towards the best version of my life.
    Mary Boyle
  • I cant recommend this service more, it really has empowered me in such a short time to clean up the aspects of my life that were bothering me and then to focus on the area's of my life where i feel was not up to par. I now have completed a number of sessions and its been worth every penny. My confidence has skyrocketed, i feel fitter, I've more patience, clarity & enjoying life for the first time in decades. Highly recommend About Coaching services.
    John C Reilly

Colin Smith

CEO and Founder

Colin is a qualified in Psychotheraphy and CEO of About Counselling. Colin has a twenty one year career helping people in both government and private sector. Colin has vast experience in both helping. healing and lecturing. About Counselling comprises of only the best Psychotherapists that are qualified in Counselling & Psychotherapy. Our goal is to provide help to the world via online encrypted means so you can receive the help you deserve, in complete confidence.

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