Mindset “Chemistry” For Your Coaching Business

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October 21, 2021
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Mindset “Chemistry” For Your Coaching Business


A few weeks ago we talked about the three impacts of mindset in coaching.

These three ‘mindset impacts’ MERGE in a coaching business

  1. Your Coach’s Mindset…
  2. Your Client’s Mindset…
  3. Your Coaching Business Mindset.

Your coaching business can fail when just one of these mindsets gets off track.


The IDEAL COMBINATION of ALL THREE MINDSETS becomes MORE than the sum of their parts…

…so your coaching makes a huge impact on the world.

How can these mindsets make such a difference?


These mindsets impact each other…    

…and react with each other…


…kind of like chemicals in a test 


With the right components…

something extraordinary emerges…

…just like those chemical reactions that made Spider-man or Daredevil.


Combine the right ‘mindset reactions’, and you could emerge as the next “superhero” on the block!

For now, let’s stick with the chemical reaction metaphor…

This week, while homeschooling my son, I explained to him how molecules merge with each other to create something new.

“When you combine Sodium and Chloride…

…you create table salt.

Something so valuable…

…that the British withheld it from the Colonists during the Revolutionary War.”

(My son’s yawning at this point… come to think of it, I should’ve tied in at least one superhero reference.)

Admittedly, some chemical combinations are nowhere near as useful…

…and some are explosive or dangerous.


But it got me thinking about how you can change ONE chemical, and you get COMPLETELY DIFFERENT results…

…and how I see the same coaching “mindset elements” transform a coach’s business the same way.

What happens when we merge coaching “mindset elements” in different ways?

Change JUST ONE of those mindsets, and you get a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COACHING BUSINESS.

Various mindsets

For instance, I’ve seen great coaches who have no clients (and no prospects for clients)…

…change their coaching business mindset 10%…

…and their coaching business suddenly explodes to the upside.

I saw the same increase in business for myself when I selected a different coaching client mindset.

Your Coach’s Mindset and your Client’s Mindset Merge to form COACHING VALUE

The reaction between these two mindsets predict the value of your coaching.

Your coaching sessions are valuable…

…if both you and your client are in a powerful state of mind.

But there’s less coaching value when your Coach’s Mindset is powerful…

…but your Client’s Mindset isn’t

…unless you help elevate your Client’s Mindset during the session.

I’ll literally STOP in the middle of a coaching session so my client can handle their mindset if it’s lousy.


The session is a waste of time if they continue to indulge in anger or wallow in self-pity.

Those mindsets make NOTHING available to my client…

…no matter how great a coach I’m being.

On the other hand…

What if your own Coach’s Mindset is weak?

A weak Coach’s Mindset inevitably lowers the value of coaching for even the most powerful Client Mindset.

Combine the right ‘mindset reactions’, and you could emerge as the next “superhero” on the block!”

Your Coach’s Mindset and your Coaching Business Mindset Merge to form COACHING PROFIT

The reaction between these two mindsets predict the profitable impact from your coaching business.

Yes, a strong coaching business mindset alone can build a profitable coaching business.

(You don’t need to be a good coach to make money.)

You just need to have a strong business mindset.

You might use that Coaching Business Mindset…

  • to build a speaking platform…
  • to hire coaches…
  • to generate enough paying clients (whether or not you can really help them).

Yes, you can make money

…even if you’re a bad coach.

But you might not be able to sleep at night!

If you do have the winning combination of Coach’s Mindset and Coaching Business Mindset

…you can scale your IMPACT while you scale your BUSINESS.

The point?

Lots of coaching businesses make millions of dollars without making any impact.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

AND, it’s a lot more fun to make money when you’re making a difference.

Your Coaching Business Mindset And Your Client’s Mindset Merge to Attract Your IDEAL CLIENT

The reaction between these two mindsets predict how likely you’ll attract your ideal client.

You might be a great coach for the homeless, but if that client’s mindset is lousy, they aren’t going to be your ideal clients.

And the coach / client fit impacts EVERYTHING ELSE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT…

If you have a bad ‘coach / client fit’ – you’ll limit…

  • Your profit
  • Your impact
  • Your coaching value

Bad coach / client fit is the fastest way to hobble a coaching business.

Your coaching business mindset is necessary to navigate your way towards that ideal client

Clients that you can really help.

Clients that don’t need to be “fixed”.

If your Coaching Business MIndset is not powerful…

…you may never discover your ideal client.

If your Coaching Business MIndset is not powerful…you may never discover your ideal client.

And if your Client’s Mindset is not powerful…

…it will limit your coaching business growth.

But with a winning combination of BOTH (Coaching Business Mindset / Client’s Mindset)…

…you’ll get to work with clients who inspire you as much as you inspire them.

These are the clients that make you feel like a rockstar coach.

These are the clients that keep you on the cutting edge.

These are the clients that keep your business growing.

There is nothing better than attracting tons of your ideal clients…

…except when you merge all 3 mindsets.

When you combine an optimum Coach’s Mindset, Coaching Business Mindset, and Client’s Mindset…

  • Your IDEAL CLIENTS keep enrolling…
  • Your Coaching VALUE is flowing…
  • Your Coaching PROFIT keeps your impact growing…

It all starts with those 3 mindsets.

Combine the ‘chemicals’…


The engine of your coaching vision starts roaring forward.

If one of those mindsets goes off the rails, the engine slows down (or sputters to a halt)…

…and you’ve got to get it back on track before the momentum can rebuild.

Is there a weak link in your “coaching vision engine”?

If so, is it…

  • Your coaching mindset?
  • Your coaching business mindset?

Or… your CLIENT’S mindset?

Get that weak link repaired NOW.

Get your coaching vision engine running again.

Keep that engine running long enough (and strong enough), and your coaching is destined to make a huge impact…

…because you’re no longer changing a handful of lives.

You’re creating a movement with your coaching business…

…and a ripple effect that will change the world.

Colette “Business Chemistry” Coiner

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