MemberCast 2: Lessons From Restructuring an Organization

MemberCast 1: How to Turn Goals Into Results
February 17, 2021
Employee Engagement With Management 3.0
February 17, 2021

MemberCast 2: Lessons From Restructuring an Organization

Melanie Jocson: Virtual Partners Group, Inc.

Melanie Jocson is the president and founder of Virtual Partners Group. VPG serves financial advisors with $10-100 million dollar in assets under management as a silent partner in developing a strong operations base for their client services. Melanie is also a member of the Coaching for Leaders Academy.

Key Points

  • Making a major organizational restructuring takes time and patience.
  • Documentation is key for any organizational change — and even for everyday operations in organizations.
  • You’ll make mistakes when change happens. Be willing to apologize authentically and give yourself grace.

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