Master Life Coach Salary and Career Prospects

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January 15, 2022
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Master Life Coach Salary and Career Prospects

Wondering about the typical master life coach salary? In today’s post, we are going to briefly discuss what a master life coach is, the requirements to be a master coach and highlight the career prospects of a master life coach.

What is a master life coach & what are the requirements to be a master life coach?

A master life coach is someone, who through their extensive coaching experience, helps others become the best version of themselves. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) offers the Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential, the highest level of accreditation, to life coaches who want to enhance their coaching expertise and become master certified life coaches.

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Being a certified master life coach isn’t an easy task. There are certain requirements to pursue the MCC path:

  • 200 hours of coach-specific training.
  • 10 hours of mentor coaching over a period of at least three months.
  • At least 2,500 (2,200 hours must be paid) hours of coaching experience with a minimum of 35 clients.
  • Performance evaluation through two audio recordings and written transcripts of coaching sessions.
  • Currently has a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential.
  • Pass the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) unless passed earlier when applied for previous ICF credentials, Associate Certified Coach (ACC), or PCC.

Master life coach salary and career prospects

Master life coaches have two career paths – the first path is to work with an organization and the second one is to start their own life coaching business. 

A career in the life coaching industry is very lucrative. Several market studies have indicated that the life coaching industry offers a plethora of opportunities for life coaches with the right credentials and having reasonable coaching skills. For example, a study conducted by Marketdata Enterprises, Inc, The US Market for Self-Improvement Products & Services, reveals that personal life coaches are highly demanded and there are approximately 40,000 life coaches in the US alone. Moreover, the study also reveals that life coaching businesses are estimated to be growing at a staggering rate of 18% per year. 

As far as master life coach salaries are concerned, on average, the master life coach salary is $229 per hour for each private coaching session. If we look at the average master life coach salary, it varies anywhere from $24,000 to $103,800 per year depending on factors like experience, expertise, niche, location, etc. 

If we consider the salary and career prospects, we can conclude that becoming a master life coach is truly worth it. If you decide to become a master life coach, you will be entering a dynamic field. Being able to help others create the life changes they want is a highly rewarding and exciting career. You’ll be helping others gain success while creating your own!

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