Marketing Plan for Life Coach Business: Tips & Ideas

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March 19, 2022
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Marketing Plan for Life Coach Business: Tips & Ideas

An effective marketing plan for life coach business is one of the most important ingredients for success, and it’s something that you can never ignore. After all, if people don’t know about your business, how will they be able to avail of your services? Plus, marketing allows you to reach out to your target market and help them with their problems or shortcomings, which will make your business stand out in the industry. 

When it comes to marketing your life coaching business, there are many different strategies you can use. In this article, we’ll give you some tips and ideas that can help you market your life coaching service effectively.

Create a clear path to success

If you want to succeed at something, you first need to define success. Defining goals and objectives is one of the most important things you can do when planning your business, regardless of its type. 

What kind of impact do you want to make? Where do you see yourself in three years? Five years? Ten years? How do people describe you when they talk about how awesome and effective your life coaching is? 

Write it down and let that be your guiding force. A clear vision will help keep you focused on where you’re going—and where you don’t want to go. It can also give new clients an idea of what to expect from a session with you, which could help reduce their anxiety before getting started. A clear picture of where you’re headed will allow others to understand exactly what they should expect from working with you or hiring your services as well.

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Understand your target audience

It is critical to understand your target audience. What is their age range? Are they female or male? Are they married or single? What kind of life do they live? It may be helpful to create a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) of your business and include your target audience in that analysis. 

Knowing how your audience lives will allow you to focus on what is most important to them when marketing. For example, if they tend to have larger families with less disposable income than others, then consider ways to help them save money. If your typical client tends to spend most of their time working out of an office setting, then consider offering free phone consultations as opposed to charging $60/hour as other coaches would charge. 

You get the point! The more specific you can be about your target audience’s needs and struggles, the better off you’ll be as a coach marketing yourself towards success.

Ask yourself strategic questions

Creating a marketing plan for life coach business requires that you ask yourself some questions. For example, what are your goals? How much money do you want to make? Where will you find clients? Who will be your first client(s)? What strategies can you employ to reach your clients and sell them on hiring you as their life coach? 

It’s not just about dreaming big; it’s about creating actionable steps that help you achieve those dreams. When brainstorming how to market a life coaching business, here are two effective techniques: get outside of your comfort zone and research other coaches in your field. Ask anyone who has already built a successful business how they did it (in interviews or through books); take notes on what worked best for them so you can use these tactics in your own marketing plan.

Focus on local opportunities

If you are just getting started as a coach, you might not have a lot of funds to invest in your business. But don’t let that limit your ability to market yourself and grow your business. Local business opportunities abound and can help you develop new relationships with people in your community—and strengthen current ones—all while marketing your services. Start by joining local industry groups on LinkedIn; it’s free, so there’s no excuse not to do it! 

Marketing plan for life coach business is incomplete without testing and monitoring

Most marketing plans for life coach businesses fail because there is no follow-up, testing, or monitoring. It is important to consider that before starting your online campaign. You need to know where you are going and how to test your results; therefore, it is extremely important to know who you are reaching out to. 

If you have a big plan but no direction on reaching that goal, you will find yourself in trouble sooner than later. You should carefully plan what audience you want to reach and, if possible, share with colleagues or any other person who may know the business. If a plan lacks any sharing or help from others in building it, its chances of success become very limited.

Final remarks

It’s important to note that marketing isn’t a set it and forget it activity. The most successful businesses always monitor their efforts, updating them as necessary. As you grow your business, you may want to hire an outside marketing firm or agency to develop strategies for specific periods, products, or services you plan to launch. 

Life coach bloggers should also consider hiring a professional copywriter to help with blogs posts about common problem areas, like nutrition or budgeting. In some cases, your chosen blogging platform might have integrated social media tools that let you schedule posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more—but be sure to customize each post with relevant links back to your site so they don’t get lost in conversations with other members of these networks who might not be interested in reading about healthy lifestyle tips!

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