Leading Leaders and More Questions

How Women Make Stronger, Smarter Choices
February 16, 2021
How to Manage Former Peers
February 16, 2021

Leading Leaders and More Questions

leading leaders

Monday’s Episode

256: Leading Leaders and More Questions: Bonni and I aired the monthly Q&A show this week and responded to questions on becoming a leader of leaders, using 360s, identifying your next leadership opportunity, and attracting a business partner. See link for our detailed list of resources.

Quick Reads

Raising the Average: I’ve heard, “If you’re the king of your jungle, you’re playing in the wrong jungle.“ This 60-second read by Seth Godin shows the value of avoiding “people like us.”

What Most CEOs Get Wrong About Becoming “Thought Leaders”: The number of owners and senior leaders who do what’s in this article is surprisingly small. That’s good news for you, if you’re one of those few.

The Incalculable Value of Finding a Job You Love: Economists study how to make decisions with scare resources…and it turns out that trading money for mission can be a big win.

In-Depth Reads

This Is How To Be Productive: If you’re not being as productive as you’d like, almost certainly one of these five problems is to blame. Features the wisdom of past guests Cal Newport, Susan Cain, and Daniel Pink — plus puppies.


143: Accepting Feedback With Sheila Heen of Difficult Conversations: Last week, I facilitated a training session featuring lessons from this episode. One of my all-time favorite questions came out of this chat: “What’s one thing you see me doing (or failing to do) that holds me back?”


Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale: 3-minute demonstration of how actions can be more powerful than words.

Just For Fun

15 Funny Pinterest Baby Photoshoots Gone Wrong: Things not going your way today? This just proves you’re not alone.

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