ICF Accredited Coach Training Program – NLP Coaching Academy

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ICF Accredited Coach Training Program – NLP Coaching Academy

Looking for an accredited coach training program where you can be trained and credentialed as an ICF Life Coach in India? How about checking out the NLP Coaching Academy.

About NLP Coaching Academy India

Founder Vikram Dhar established the NLP Coaching Academy, an ICF Mentor Coach NLP Coach and Coach Trainer, in January 2020. The organization was created to help provide the learning experience, knowledge, and set of tools needed for individuals to have total control over their lives. NLP Academy consists of a group of Internationally certified Coaches and NLP Trainers. They are committed to providing the coaches, facilitators, trainers, and professionals with tools, techniques, and concepts of coaching through its spectrum programs. They have trainers worldwide to include the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, India, Canada, and Dubai. Its programs are ICF approved and are offered via Instructor-led live sessions, virtual video conferencing, WhatsApp discussions and mentoring forums. The courses offered are often conducted by the founder Vikram himself, in which he brings to his lectures an ample number of real-time examples to understand the coaching concepts better. The NLP Coaching Academy has its headquarters located in Bangalore, India.

Benefits of Attending The NLP Coaching Academy

Some benefits of receiving training from NLP Coaching Academy includes the following: 

  • Learning how to coach others effectively.
  • Improved leadership skills
  • Helping clients set powerful goals in their lives and offering strategies on how to achieve them.
  • Obtaining essential skills to use persuasive language to get needed results.
  • Improving public speaking skills
  • Gaining more confidence to explore and move towards accomplishing their dreams.
  • Eliminating limiting beliefs and setting powerful beliefs
  • Overcoming barriers in their personal and business or professional relationships.
  • Helping clients resolve conflicts in their professional and personal lives.

Details on The CLC Accredited Coach Training Program

The ICF accredited coach training program offered through the NLP Coaching Academy is a unique one. The ICF recognizes the program’s Certified Life Coach (CLC) credential under the Continued Coach Education (CCE) hours which provides hands-on learning to the participant to become a Life Coach. It enables the participants to learn the coaching methodology. Coaches can guide clients in setting goals, taking actions, making better decisions, and making full use of their natural strengths and inner resources by utilizing the coaching skills. Individuals enrolled in the NLP Academy workshops learn a framework that outlines a coaching process they can use with their clients (individuals, teams) and will practice coaching competencies through one-to-one practice and experiential group exercises. When you attend an accredited ICF program like NLP Coaching Academy, you are confident that you have met the requirements to receive an ICF credential that will prepare you for great success in the profession.   

The life coaching market in India is rapidly growing. According to an article by Financial Express, approximately 89% of people in India are aware of life coaching, 59% have received services, and about 97% have been pleased with the services they received. If you are actively seeking an accredited coach training program that is instructor-led virtually or face-to-face, consider the NLP Coaching Academy as the place to begin your life coaching career. 

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