How to Help the Underdog Thrive

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February 17, 2021
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February 17, 2021

How to Help the Underdog Thrive


Monday’s Episode

275: How to Help the Underdog Thrive: Terry Lipovski is the President of Ubiquity Leadership. He is a leadership coach and workshop facilitator to top organizations around the world include organizations like Schlumberger, Air Canada, and GE.

Key Points

  • Being different from colleagues can present a challenge
  • Many people at a disadvantage don’t realize it
  • Some people just need someone who is in their corner

Resources Mentioned

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Thank You

Andrew Kroeger: Just passing his one year anniversary with us, Andrew Kroeger has done a masterful job editing our podcasts. His business is now expanding, so if your organization or you are searching for an audio editor, writing coach, or book/manuscript editor, Andrew is your guy.

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