How to Charge For Coaching

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How to Charge For Coaching

Unattractive Charging Practices

A trainer lately grumbled that their prospective customers stood up to spending for training

… so she had a hard time obtaining them to ‘go across the goal’, and also ENROLL.

She claimed Providing useful training isn’t my issue … it’s billing for training that appears to avoid me.”

The procedure of billing for training penetrates every training method …

unappealing billing methods eliminate training companies

Unattractive Charging Practices

As an example, this instructor discussed: ” Recently I had an exploration session with a prospective customer. I discussed that I bill $75 a hr

” She appeared to be in overall contract, and also claimed, ‘Send me your agreement’.”

” The following week, she informed me that she would certainly be hectic for the following couple of months, so she would certainly allow me recognize when she prepared to begin.”

” I do not recognize what I did incorrect. I maintain facing this concern.”

” Should I rise my per hour price? Should I decline it?”

I can currently see she was utilizing an unpleasant billing method

… so I informed her …

Do not bill for your TIME.

Billing HOURLY is unpleasant.

As long as you do that, your customers will certainly believe they’re spending for your TIME

They’re not.

They’re spending for outcomes.

They’re spending for an ENCHANTING EXPERIENCE.

They’re spending for YOU.

As long as you gauge your solution in hrs, you’ll appear like an asset to your customers.

It demeans your photo and also the understanding of your training.

Rather, cost for outcomes.


Cost for YOU.

Billing for outcomes, experiences, or you is far more appealing

… since it appoints all the worth to your training brand name

… NOT your time.

Billing for outcomes, experiences, or you is far more appealing … since it appoints all the worth to your training brand name … NOT your time.”

Below are some instances:

Cost For Outcomes

I as soon as had a customer that intended to do a triathlon …

… yet he hesitated of swimming in the open sea.

… and also the triathlon was showing up!

So I guaranteed him ” In 5 training sessions, you will not hesitate any longer.”

” By the time the triathlon takes place, you’ll survive it simply penalty.”

What did I bill?

He paid $150 for my time …

… and also (if he obtained the outcome …) he would certainly pay me one more $700

If he really did not obtain the outcome …

… he owed me absolutely nothing (apart from the initial $150 for my time).

He had really little to shed and also whatever to get, so he signed up instantly.

He squashed his triathlon, swam outdoors sea without worry, and also won his age course …

… and also I made money extremely well.

A win/win.

Cost For Experiences

Numerous times annually (as you might recognize), I supply ‘experiences‘ for customers.

  • thirty day Quickstart Bootcamps
  • 90 Day Responsibility Obstacles
  • 8-12 week Immersion Trainings
  • 3 month resorts

Those students/clients pay:

  • $ 900
  • $ 2,600
  • $ 5,976
  • $ 9,000

Yet I do not need to fret about warranting my ‘per hr’ price …

… since the individuals are concentrated on the EXPERIENCE.

My students/clients that enlist aren’t counting my hrs.

They simply respect the EXPERIENCE.

As long as the EXPERIENCE is superb …

… they really feel BLOWN AWAY.

Is my time worth those charges?


Perhaps not.

Is the EXPERIENCE worth it to them?


Cost For YOU

When a customer enroll in 1 on 1 training with me …

… they aren’t spending for ‘SESSIONS’ (although they obtain sessions).

They aren’t spending for ‘HRS’ (although I provide my time).

They aren’t spending for ‘FUNCTION’ (although I function).

They are spending for ME

They (in some way) obtained encouraged that …

… the ‘ME’ they spent for …

  • is the remedy to their issues.
  • is the aid that they require.
  • is the viewpoint that’ll transform their life.
  • is immeasurably useful

Just how did they obtain encouraged?

Maybe by a customer that referred them …

… since that customer experienced a ‘ME’ that transformed their life.

Maybe by some advertising, web content, or webinar

Maybe by some case studies.

Yet, in some way, they relied on ‘ME’ as the gold mine.

So, when they enroll in training, they obtain ME

As Well As they spend for ME.

If, at the end of our agreement, they desire even more of me …

… we restore or proceed.

Yet they aren’t counting the mins with me.

They aren’t inspecting to see if I’m doing my job (although I strive for them).

Attractive Charging Practices

They simply intend to see to it that I’m AVAILABLE …

They simply intend to see to it that I’m training THEM …

They simply intend to see to it that I exist …

after that they feel they obtained their cash’s well worth.

As long as they remain to worth ME (and also the training I supply) …

… I remain to earn money hundreds per hr.

Otherwise, my pay mosts likely to absolutely no … really quick.

An additional unpleasant billing method that the instructor exposed?

Billing for behind the scenes job.

She discussed that, in the training agreement she sent her potential customer, she made a list of all her hrs in between:

  • Mentoring session time
  • Preparation time
  • Prep Work time
  • Weekly admin time

So I asked her: ” Just how did your customer react to all that??”

The instructor: ” She informed me that she really did not comprehend exactly how I thought of those numbers, which she really did not believe she required ‘all that time’.”

” Should I not bill for my prep work and also preparation? Should I short-change myself?”

So I informed her …

Do not bill for ‘ behind the scenes’ job

Customers do not care.

They do not value your prep work (they might not also recognize that you require to include it).

As a matter of fact, confessing that you required prep work time could make you look a little bit also ‘common’ to your customer.

Numerous customers intend to seem like you’re MAGIC

Numerous customers intend to seem like you’re MAGIC

You’re mosting likely to fly know your winged stallion and also DO MAGIC.

They might believe that the training you offer is EASY for you …

… since you’re so remarkable.

As a matter of fact, Kris Thompson suggests that you battle that propensity … functioning to make coaching look hard.

high leverage ways to get paying coaching clients (with PIES)

PROFITS: your customer simply desires their result

They simply desire your aid

They do not care concerning your prep work, admin, logistics, preparation, and so on

They do not would like to know the number of hrs of reflection you perform in order to be a terrific instructor.

They do not care that you invested 3 hrs intending their following session.

And also they do not care that you invested 2 years discovering your craft.

If that’s what it requires to provide wonderful outcomes for your customer … difficult.

So be it.

You can cost as high as you desire FOR YOUR TRAINING

… yet do not anticipate your customer to praise (or spend for) your additional curricular procedure

They will not.

Do not bill for your ‘undetectable job’.

Simply aspect it right into your month-to-month training price, and also provide the customer keeping that ONLY.

The remainder is typically none of your customer’s organization (and also none of their worry).

Consider your training as a ‘black box’ …

… a wonderful amulet impersonating as a customer item.

It ought to be glossy and also impressive

It ought to be costly, yet NOT made a list of

Fabergé eggs do not have a ‘products checklist’.

Faberge Egg

Fabergé does not offer you a detailed billing.

Fabergé does not damage their ‘price per egg’ down right into:

  • the gold
  • the treasures
  • the ceramic
  • the bonding representatives
  • the craftsmen’s time and also training

That would certainly eliminate the temptation of Fabergé …

That would certainly spoil the Fabergé magic

… transforming the art of Fabergé right into a product

Many Fabergé egg proprietors do not would like to know exactly how their egg is made

They simply desire the satisfaction and also PLEASURE of OWNING that magic.

99% of the visitors at Disney Globe parks more than happy to delight in the exterior.

They prefer to not recognize around the smelly underworld that makes the park feature.

And also, yes, there’s 1% that intends to see behind the drape, yet just 1%.

After I shared all this, the instructor confessed, ” I am an instructor by training, so I very worth preparation and also prep work. I presume old routines resist!”

And afterwards she exposed one more unpleasant billing method …

… butting in ONE ROUND FIGURE.

” After I informed my brand-new customer I billed $75 a hr, I sent her an agreement for $5,400, which covered 6 months of training.”

No surprise her brand-new customer was so unwilling to begin training

Since her brand-new instructor stopped working to …


Obtaining your potential customer to enlist might be much easier than you believe

… if you cost in smaller sized attacks

Asking a brand-new customer …

… that has never ever invested a PENNY with you …

… to enroll in a $5,000 solution …?


That’s significantly unpleasant to lots of brand-new customers …

… and also they’ll have really cool feet.


$ 5,400 is a huge dedication of time, cash, power, and also belief on a FIRST DAY

Just how might you bill that brand-new customer in SMALL BITES?

Register them in an extremely reduced financial investment FIRST DAY

… under $1,000.

Provide a preference of your magic.

NOT the entire dish.

After that, enlist them in the remainder of your offering later on (when they depend on you, love you, and also think in you).

Every brand-new customer enroll in training dogmatic (somewhat).

belief that you’ll remain to instructor them well.

BELIEF that you correspond.

belief that they’ll obtain actual arise from training.

BELIEF that you’re training deserves the cash.

The even more TIME you have actually collaborated with a brand-new customer …

… the much less belief is needed for them to pay for training.

The even more TIME you have actually collaborated with a brand-new customer … the much less belief is needed for them to pay for training.”


With time your customer gathers even more training experiences with you …

… so your customer’s belief is changed with truths

Each training session supplies extra realities that verify and also enhance the worth of your training

Already, your customer is prepared to pay far more to deal with you …

… since they understand your training deserves it

Desired an instance of an affordable initial day?

My Slow Temptation Mentoring Funnel

Slow Seduction Coaching Funnel

Pay me for ONE SESSION. No dedication. Reduced threat.

I offer you an impressive training experience, where you obtain 10x the worth of what you pay.

After That (and also just after that) are you ENROLLABLE for a huge dedication.

Make good sense?

Below’s one more means to bill for a high ticket training program in little attacks:

Cost gradually.

Establish a regular monthly layaway plan (over a duration of a year, maybe).

That very same $5,000 training program?

Currently it’s just $416.66 (monthly).

What appears extra costly to you?

$ 400?

Or $5,000??

Eventually, you make the very same cash

… yet $400 really feels soooo much extra ABSORBABLE to your customer.

… since they have extra TIME to pay for their training.

After sharing the suggestion of ‘little attacks’ keeping that instructor, they informed me the following:

” I like the suggestion of supplying a ‘little preference’ prior to giving the ‘whole dish’.

” I will certainly make use of that. And also I’ll bill for the entire ME, not the ‘shelled out’ me.”

Rotating to these even more appealing billing methods

… will certainly enhance training registrations

… and also eventually training revenue

Yet do not follow them thoughtlessly.

Every client, instructor, and also deal is various …

… since the CONTEXT of the partnership is various.

Make use of these methods as a beginning factor

… yet change them according to your ideal judgment.

The even more you value your customer’s viewpoint and also requires …

… the extra you’ll incorporate that right into the means you draw in and also enlist them.

The even more you value your customer’s viewpoint and also requires … the extra you’ll incorporate that right into the means you draw in and also enlist them.”

So attempt these appealing billing methods, and also allow me recognize exactly how they benefit you.

If you offer your customers a useful experience

If you supply training that provides the outcomes your customers are looking for

… these ‘appealing billing methods’ will certainly increase your customers

… and also eventually, your effect

Jeffrey “Cost Attractively” Sooey

P.S. An additional BIG facet of billing is JUST HOW MUCH to bill (i.e. rates), which I cover in THIS VIDEO CLIP RIGHT HERE:

Pricing and fees
Jeffrey T. Sooey, Dean of Master Coach University

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