How to Ask for Help

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February 17, 2021
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February 17, 2021

How to Ask for Help

Larry Braman

Monday’s Episode

269: How to Ask for Help: Larry Braman is the president of Global Career Consulting and Placement and the founder of Career University. He joined me this week to help us all discover how to ask for help.

Key Points

  • It’s essential for us to recognize that the most successful people ask for (and receive) help all the time.
  • Say less initially in your interactions with influencers so that you can meet them where they are as the conversation progresses.
  • When someone offers to help or to make an introduction, take immediate action to follow up.
  • It’s important for us to have both mentors and advocates in our careers.
  • Be memorable in a genuine way by making a human connection to the other party.

Resources Mentioned

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How to be the Luckiest Guy on the Planet in 4 Easy Steps: Great steps from James Altucher. I especially like this in the emotional section: “I never do anything I don’t want to do. Like I NEVER go to weddings.”


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Love and Dreams for Every Child: This TED talk is a reminder of the power of each relationship in our lives — and the critical importance of how we interact with children.

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