For Less Stress Create Your Own Definition of Life Balance (with examples) | by Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC | The Launchpad

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November 8, 2022
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For Less Stress Create Your Own Definition of Life Balance (with examples) | by Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC | The Launchpad

Happy Balanced Coach

Happy Balanced Coach

I” ve found out throughout the years that our initiatives to attain life equilibrium can (actually) be amongst our best stress factors: in attempting to attain equilibrium, we typically toss ourselves extra off-kilter!

As a trainer that concentrates on fatigue avoidance, strength and also journaling for health, I have actually invested over twenty years sustaining specialists in the aiding, medical care and also social solution areas– and also their companies.

As well as in my function as a trainer, instructor and also workshop facilitator, the subject of life equilibrium is a typical mentoring discussion and also workshop subject. So as well are discussions around tension administration, self-care, concern exhaustion, vicarious injury and also various other work-related risks pertinent to psychological work and also caring job.

The language of equilibrium

I have actually found out that language is necessary when we discuss life equilibrium. Words typically have varied significances, and also “equilibrium” can indicate various points to various individuals.

Rather, I such as the terms “work-life mix”, “combination”, “consistency” and also “gratification” greater than “work-life equilibrium”. Partly, this is since work-life equilibrium recommends there is some best mathematical life formula, that if fulfilled, would amazingly develop equilibrium in my life. As well as certainly, I have actually not discovered this to be the instance.

Below are some real-life instances of what individuals claim regarding equilibrium

Below are some remarks from my mentoring customers regarding life equilibrium and also their initiatives to attain it …

  • Life equilibrium is simply another point I seem like I have to pursue. Despite the fact that I recognize it is something I will certainly never ever attain as a leader in medical care throughout a pandemic, as a mom to 3 little ones, and also the child old moms and dads. Equilibrium is an impression. Organized turmoil is the very best I can expect now. Nurse Practitioner, Group Leader
  • I as soon as had a supervisor that was everything about advertising work-life equilibrium. I actually suched as exactly how she constantly went residence in a timely manner at the end of the day. She constantly strolled her talk. I valued that. It aided me seem like it was not simply OK to leave operate at completion of the day, however it was urged. We had really reduced prices of staff member fatigue and also turn over on our group, in an area that is understood to have high occurrence of both. Young People Treatment Counsellor
  • I have actually never ever appreciated accomplishing work-life equilibrium. I appreciate placing my time right into things that matter to me most, and also equilibrium isn’t among them, making a distinction is my leading concern. As well as occasionally that features a great deal of self-sacrifice to make the distinction I wish to make. Ecological Protestor ( conserving the old-growth woodland in BC, Canada)
  • The concept of equilibrium was birthed in various times than these. I remain in large survival setting. Equilibrium is a deluxe of times with even more options offered than operating in the emergency room throughout this pandemic when I am attempting to maintain individuals active and also enjoying them pass away. Emergency Situation Division Medical Professional
  • do not such as the term work-life equilibrium, it recommends that job and also life are different versus one incorporated whole that is my life. Job belongs to my life, much like my household belongs to my life, strolling the canine belongs to my life, seeing my good friends belongs to my life. I do not actually think about it as equilibrium. I simply attempt to maintain all the spheres of my life airborne and also do the very best I can. As well as I attempt to appreciate my life along the road with the balancing I do daily. I think if that’s equilibrium, I am doing OK. Life Train
  • Life equilibrium just takes place when I get on trip. Kid Well-being Social Employee

Life equilibrium as a point of view

The majority of us incorporate and also have a tendency to numerous various points in the pulse of our days. So possibly life equilibrium is as a lot a perspective, point of view or idea system as it is the method we do this that in the integrity of our lives.

My very own variation of equilibrium

I feel I live a well balanced life that shows my life functions and also my core worths in what I do daily.

If you were standing in my living-room, enjoying the center of task of 2 teenager children, my spouse, our canine, the buzzer buzzing with visitors from our B&B, the delivery van drawing right into the driveway at the exact same time, me biding farewell and also “I enjoy you” throughout a Facetime telephone call with my mother that deals with Alzheimer’s condition and also resides in a long-lasting treatment residence, and also me strolling by everybody to reach my office to make a Zoom conference with a customer in a timely manner, you could not promptly assume you are experiencing life equilibrium at work.

Yet to me, it’s all there– a residence I enjoy, individuals I enjoy and also the job I enjoy all mixing with each other within the minutes of my day.

You could really feel worn out simply reviewing that; you could wish for some equilibrium.

What is it that we actually desire?

When all the happenings of our days really feel as well hectic, way too much, as well tedious or simply as well _____ (fill in the space). In those minutes when we really feel that yearning, what is it that we actually, actually desire?

For me, in those minutes, I really feel the wish to take a breath. To merely stop briefly, and also inhale and also take a breath out. Once again, inhale and also take a breath out. To end up being totally and also mindfully existing in the currently, in this one minute. To really feel the still and also tranquil centre within.

There, that’s it, can you feel it? That minute of equilibrium in the time out, with each breath in and also out. We alter, we stabilize within.

Which stabilizing within ourselves, surges out and also assists us develop that feeling of life equilibrium in our situations, whatever they could be. Since there is an internal state of equilibrium, consistency and also wellness in addition to an external state of equilibrium, consistency and also wellness.


We require to specify what life equilibrium indicates on our very own terms. This way, we understand what we’re genuinely attempting to attain or experience when it concerns stabilize to begin with. As well as this is a practical method to come close to the discussion around our customers’ life equilibrium objectives when mentoring as well.

So my idea and also method is to specify life equilibrium by yourself terms and afterwards sustain your customers in doing the exact same.

I’ll leave you with some concerns to assist with this

  • As a trainer, what are your ideas, sights and also sensations regarding life equilibrium?
  • What is your experience with life equilibrium?
  • Do you aim for it? Just how does that benefit you?
  • Have you accomplished it? If so, exactly how?
  • Just how do you discuss it with others (or do you discuss it)?

There is no such point as work-life equilibrium– it is all life. The equilibrium needs to be within you. Sadhguru

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