Frequently Asked Questions – For Coaches


The following Explainer video has been completed for Coaches to explain each aspect of their coaching dashboard area and how they setup their hours, rates, staff, days off. Etc. If the answer to your question is not here please feel free to contact us but do review the video and FAQs before doing so thank you. 

1What is and how does it benefit me as a coach?

Here at we offer individuals the opportunity to connect with certified counsellors. Some areas you may be assisting individuals with will be lifestyle and professional development. As a counsellor you will earn income assisting our members with the areas they feel they need assistance or development in. 

2How do I sign up?


Upon signing up, you will receive an email on whether you are approved or disapproved to become a coach. If approved, you will receive login details to your coach dashboard.

3How much can I make as an online coach with

Some fees are already set for coaches in our booking system. However, coaches do have the option to add their own services. Our coaches receive 85% of their booking fees and payouts are via PayPal or your method of choice. You are sent an email to verify your payout method upon signup.

4Do I need to be certified to be an online coach with

During the application process, there is a request for you to attach your certification. We request our coaches to be certified in the areas in which they are assisting their customers to provide honesty and quality throughout our relationships.

5 Will i get reminded about my appointments?

Yes, you have access to notification reminders in your coach dashboard. You can setup reminders as early as 30 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment start time with the client, the client will also receive a reminder. For your convenience, customers are not allowed to change appointment times 1hr prior to their scheduled appointment.

6 Are Receipts for Customers issued?

Yes, an automatic receipt is sent to the client straight after the meeting. You can see your own record of this meeting in your dashboard under the appointments tap and it also can be seen in the payments tab.

7 What if I have further questions?

Yes please go to the menu system and open a support ticket under the Support tab and we will address any concerns as soon as possible. Any urgent concerns please email us directly at [email protected] 

8What is the Coach Dashboard?

In the Coach Dashboard, you have backend access to the system’s needed to correspond with your clients, you even have a view of your upcoming appointments, payments made, and locations of the scheduled appointments.

9Can i call the About Counselling Team

We are taking calls from prospective Counsellors but not members of the public at this time. So please email [email protected] if you should require assistance thank you. 

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