Connecting Coaching to Your Client’s Dream

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Connecting Coaching to Your Client’s Dream

Client Treasure Map

Have you ever thought…

”I can totally help this person!”

…and yet they don’t enroll in coaching with you?

It used to happen to me all the time…

…until I learned a simple ‘Dream Conversation’.

Client Treasure Map

This is the process I promised to share at the end of my last email

…when I shared the story of my blind coaching client who bought a car…

…not because it was practical…

…but because it fulfilled a dream.

The point was that clients don’t buy coaching

…or cars…

…or anything else.

They buy the dream.

In order to enroll your clients…

…you need to discover and communicate their dreams

…in a way that connects the dots between what they want and your coaching.

Because until your clients connect the dots between achieving their dreams…

…and working with you…

…they won’t see the value of coaching.

How do you connect the dots for your client?

It’s simple…

3 Steps to Communicating & Connecting Your Client’s Dream to Your Coaching

STEP 1: Deeply understand what your client wants.

  • Understand the pain your client will experience if they don’t achieve their dream.
  • Understand the pleasure they will experience if they do achieve their dream.

The pain and pleasure should be so clear that it deeply impacts YOUR OWN EMOTIONS in a way that you want it for them too.

STEP 2: See how your client’s dream is possible.

If you don’t believe your client can achieve their dream for ANY REASON…

…you won’t be able to enroll them in an authentic way.

Your client will know.

You must believe in your client more than they do themselves.

You must believe in your client more than they do themselves.

Also, you’ve got to make sure your client believes in the possibility of their own success.

One of the reasons people don’t enroll in coaching is because they don’t believe they will be able to achieve their dreams…

…even with your coaching.

How can they expect COACHING to help them if they think success is impossible?

STEP 3: Connect the dots between the coaching you’re offering to your client… and what they want.

You’ve got to make more than just a generic offer.

Make an offer that will…

  • specifically address your client’s challenges
  • articulate exactly how your coaching will help your client achieve their dreams.

The best way to practice?

Talk with your friends and family about their dreams…

…over a cup of coffee…

…or sitting by the pool.

You’re not doing this to enroll them in coaching…

…but to enroll them in their own dreams.

Ask them:

  1. “Who will you become when you achieve your goal? What will it be like? What will be different?”
  2. “How will achieving your goal affect your long-term vision for your life, business, or relationship? What will life be like for you in the future? Five years from now? Ten years from now?”
  3. Ask questions that help your client see the infinite benefits that achieving their goal provides for their family, their community, and possibly humanity.

Perhaps this is a reach for you.

Maybe you’ve never had these types of conversations with people who are close to you.

But if YOU are not going to talk to them about their dreams…

…then who will?

Most people never get to explore their dreams and goals…

…so they shut down before they even try.

This is the way you develop the skill to communicate & connect with your client’s dream…

…in a way that is natural and authentic.


You can even start with yourself

Ask yourself these questions.

Enroll yourself in your own dreams every day.

Then you might get comfortable enough to connect with your family and friends.

Seek to understand their hopes and dreams…

…without expecting that you will enroll anyone…

….(because that’s not why you’re doing it).

It might be a bit awkward at first.

Talking deeply about dreams for the future isn’t exactly a casual conversation.

But, as you continue to work on connecting to those dreams…

…it will start to feel natural.

This ‘dream conversation’ will become so attractive…

…that people will start enrolling into coaching with you just because of that conversation…

…the conversation about the possibility within their dreams.

Because people don’t enroll in coaching for logical reasons

…it’s the emotion that justifies the enrollment.

Instead of trying to get people to enroll in what they think they need…

…give them a chance to experience what they desire most…

Not just the fulfillment of some superficial desire…

…but a deeper dream.

…the kind of dream that transforms the conversation.

…the kind of dream that transforms who your client becomes.

…beyond what they would ordinarily expect.

It will create a ripple effect on their entire life

Helping people believe in their dreams is priceless.

And while coaching creates results…

The only way it’s worth the time, money, and energy… if coaching becomes the key to creating dreams…

So, if you don’t connect those dots for your client…

…of achieving their dreams from working with you…

…the real value of coaching is lost.

Don’t let your client overlook coaching’s true value.

Give your client the infinite value that coaching provides them…

…the value of their dreams coming true.

Colette “Dreams Coming True” Coiner

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