Comparing Top Accredited Life Coaching Programs

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Comparing Top Accredited Life Coaching Programs

Whether you’re looking to pursue life coaching as a career or want to try it out to feel more in control of your own life, it can be helpful to know what the top accredited life coaching programs are. With so many options out there, you may find it overwhelming to choose the right program for you, but don’t worry—we’ve done the research for you!

Why now is the best time to invest in life coach training

The demand for life coaches has never been higher. As an industry, it’s estimated to exceed $1 billion by 2030—yet even today, less than 25% of those with bachelor’s degrees in human services go on to become a coach. That means there are a lot of positions that need filling and not many qualified candidates to fill them. Furthermore, if coaching wasn’t lucrative enough as-is, benefits such as tax relief and other employer incentives make becoming certified even more worth your while.

What are accreditation, licensing, and certification?

In most cases, accreditation and certification are voluntary, while licensing is mandatory. However, depending on your state or country, all three may be required to practice as a life coach. Before becoming a life coach yourself, make sure you understand which requirements are necessary for your location or industry.

How can I find out if a school or program has accreditation?

Many of today’s top schools and programs have received accreditation from The International Coach Federation or ICF, an accreditation body. If the ICF doesn’t accredit your program, look it up on Google to see if any complaints have been registered against it. You can also check with your state and local licensing board, which may accept external accreditation but has its requirements.

How do I choose the best accredited life coaching program?

There are many options out there. The first step to choosing a program is figuring out what kind of coach you want to be. If your heart desires to help clients manage stress, depression, and anxiety, then becoming an MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) coach would likely be more appropriate than an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner. As well as what kind of services will you offer clients? Are they weight loss-based? Health-related? Whatever compels you to enter life coaching, you must pursue programs that align with your goals and vision.

How can top accredited life coaching programs help?

Top accredited life coaching programs can help you boost your self-esteem, develop a realistic self-image, and create healthy goals. Before diving into a program, you might want to ask yourself some questions: What do I want out of a life coaching program? How much time can I devote to my personal growth? These are important issues that will affect how successful your life coaching experience will be.


Finding a top accredited life coaching program can be a little tricky, especially since there are so many programs out there. How do you know which will give you more value and help you achieve your goals? In truth, choosing a program to get certified with is mostly up to you—in terms of your career objectives and values.

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