Coach’s Guide to Celebrating Wins

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July 27, 2021
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July 27, 2021

Coach’s Guide to Celebrating Wins

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to coach a rockstar client?

I worked with a client who was so famous…

…that Harvard University included one of his books in their MBA program.

This client made and lost millions over his lifetime…

…and should have been living well by the time we met.


…despite all the businesses he had helped to build…

…he was in a slump.

So he needed help.

From me?

What could I possibly offer this super-achiever?

I was a newbie coach.

And he was a rockstar!

So I listened…

…a lot.

I asked questions to get clear about what he wanted…

…and needed.

I discovered that this client had never celebrated any of his wins.

He was always chasing another goal that was just out of range.

Despite all his success…

…he never acknowledged himself for his achievements.

…and it was crushing his drive to succeed.

Why would someone who never celebrates lose their motivation?

The subconscious part of your brain is like a 5-year-old child…

…very primitive…

…it’s all about avoiding pain and gaining pleasure.

What happens if you tell your child that they’ll get a lollipop after they get a shot at the doctor’s office?

…and then they don’t get a lollipop?

They have a major meltdown.

You’ll have a hard time getting them to take the next shot.

don't rob yourself of a lolipop

If you rob yourself of your own lollipops (your own rewards and celebrations)…

…then you won’t believe there’s any pay off to working so hard.

If your subconscious brain believes that if you work hard…

…you’re still not going to get that vacation…

…or a new car…

…or even acknowledgment.

Then eventually, your subconscious will throw a tantrum, or quit supporting you altogether.

And that’s exactly what happened to my client.

He had never celebrated…

…and so I gave him…

The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Your Wins

Celebrating your wins can radically increase your motivation and drive to succeed.

If you follow this guide, you’ll ensure that your celebration works on the deepest level possible.

First, plan how you want to celebrate. It could be buying a new pair of shoes, going out to dinner, or going on a vacation.

Make your celebration as big as your recent win.

Next, while you are enjoying your celebration and feeling great…

…ask yourself the following questions:

QUESTION #1: What are you celebrating?

QUESTION #2: What about that is worth celebrating?

How can you justify celebrating? Prove to yourself why you deserve to celebrate this win.

If you don’t think it’s important enough, you’ll feel funny celebrating it.

  • Is it something you’ve never done?
  • Is it an improvement on something you’ve done before?
  • Why does your accomplishment matter?

QUESTION #3: Who have you become?

This question forces you to look at how you see yourself… your identity.

Most people judge themselves harshly.

When you bring the good feelings of celebrating a victory to the question of your identity, you’ll tend to feel better about yourself.

Identity is one of the strongest forces in your subconscious.

This question will help to update your identity in a positive way…

…improving your confidence, sense of well-being, and fulfillment level ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

For example:

You’ve enrolled your first paying client… Now you’ve become a coach who enrolls paying clients!

You’ve posted your first blog article… Now you’re a writer!

QUESTION #4: What is possible now that you have accomplished your goal?

This question will generate positive motivation for a new (chances are, more exciting) future.

Once you’ve achieved something, you could repeat it, improve upon it, or accomplish something else.

For example:

Now that you’ve enrolled your first client:

  • You can enroll others.
  • You can enroll others for a higher fee.
  • You could eventually quit your day job.

QUESTION #5: How will your win impact the lives of others? Both now and in the future?

Plan your celebration and ask these 5 questions… it’s THAT SIMPLE.


I gave my client this guide…

…and 2 days later…

He sent me this picture…

My Coaching Client Skiing

…a photo of a ball of snow…

…with ski poles sticking out…

My client had gone skiing to celebrate his latest win.

He told me he was ecstatic.

His brain finally received the reward it had craved for so long.

Long ago he had mastered the science of achievement

…but not the art of fulfillment.

But when they achieve their goals… and still don’t find fulfillment… it’s downright depressing.”

Dr. Colette Coiner, PCC

There is a blueprint for achievement in business…

…but everyone has a different view of fulfillment…

…just like everyone appreciates different types of food or art.

Most high achievers can deal with failure.

If they don’t achieve their goals…

…they try again.

But when they achieve their goals…

…and still don’t find fulfillment

…it’s downright depressing.

After my client rewarded himself by skiing with his friend…

…he started to celebrate his wins on a regular basis.

And as he started to enjoy the journey

…he began to make progress toward his goals by leaps and bounds.

End Result?

He went from a struggling rockstar…

…to a very happy and fulfilled client.

And what did I learn?

When you’re working with high achieving clients…

Give them permission to discover their own version of fulfillment.

Help them actualize that fulfillment through celebration.

And watch your burnt out rock stars rise…

Celebration for clients is like a phoenix rising from the ashes

…like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Then your clients will know…

Your coaching is priceless.

Colette “Priceless Coaching” Coiner

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