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We have designed our sign-up process to be as simple as possible for Coaches. We first just want to know some details about you and your qualifications to give this service. You can share a link to an organization that you may already be with and or upload your qualifications below so we can verify these, please. We will review the application & then email you when your details have been verified.


Welcome on Board

Once verified, you are welcome onboard

We will email you back that you have been verified as a qualified coach and then you will be given access details to your personalized dashboard. Here you will be able to log in, see your appointments, add services, rates, talk to clients and even add personal profile details.

Your Own Website & Booking Dashboard

When you want, Wherever you want

We have worked hard to provide you with a customized dashboard so when you login into your own dashboard area you can see all your appointments. You can set your working hours, the services you provide, the rates you charge & much more. You can easily synchronize this with your google calendar so any time slot you've booked your appointment in your google calendar is not available to clients to book. If you would like to learn more please visit our Frequently asked questions here.

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