Coaching Accreditation Courses Explained

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Coaching Accreditation Courses Explained

Have you been considering enrolling in coaching accreditation courses but are unsure if you should do it? The purpose of today’s post is to explain coaching accreditation courses and how professional accreditation brings various advantages.

The basics of coaching accreditation courses

Coaching accreditation courses are approved by coaching accreditation bodies such as International Coaching Federation (ICF), European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and The Association of Coaching (AC).

A coaching accreditation course offers everything you need to learn for becoming an impactful life coach. Although accreditation is not compulsory for a coach to start a coaching career, it gives you the credibility that your clients are looking for. In addition, accreditation opens doors to bigger opportunities, for example, projects by larger organizations that most likely would need to vet candidates before awarding them coaching projects. 

Do I need to take a coaching accreditation course?

As mentioned earlier, coaches are not required by any regulatory authority to complete coaching accreditation courses. But if you are a life coach who wants to take your career to the next level, coaching accreditation courses can enhance your knowledge, develop your skills, and refine your coaching skills. They also allow you to demonstrate your expertise as a life coach to your prospects. 

How do I check whether a coaching course is accredited?

It is imperative to look for courses that are accredited by a professional coaching accreditation body such as the ICF. If you aren’t sure whether your chosen program is accredited by a popular accreditation body, do your homework. Just like all professional bodies, coaching accreditation bodies also provide a list of accredited courses on their website. 

For example, there is a free, searchable directory of coaching programs accredited by the ICF on its website. To check if a program is accredited or not, visit

Still, if you are unsure, try to contact coaching regulatory authorities for confirmation or try to contact an accredited life coach who may advise and help you.

Beyond coaching accreditation courses

Completing a coaching accreditation course is not the end of your coaching education. There is so much more to learn beyond that. Every profession requires continuous learning and keeping your knowledge fresh and updated. It is always the key in every profession and life coaching isn’t an exception. You cannot expect huge success unless you continue to learn what’s latest in life coaching.


Coaching accreditation courses enable you to demonstrate your coaching skills to your prospects. Statistics indicate that accredited life coaches are trusted by more people. Therefore, if you are a life coach and want to excel in your profession, take a coaching accreditation course. Once you are accredited, continue learning and keep your coaching knowledge fresh and updated.

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