February 12, 2021

3 Ways to Make Appreciation Memorable

A few days before I graduated from junior high school, I was honored with the Rotary Award at the our school’s annual recognition event for students. […]
February 12, 2021

4 Ways to Get People to Stop Talking

Awhile back, I released an article on 4 Ways to Help Others Be More Concise with strategies to help us all to improve verbal efficiency within […]
February 12, 2021

How to Not Take Things So Personally

I’ve have the privilege several times to interview my friend Tom Henschel, a top executive coach and host of The Look & Sound of Leadership show. […]
February 12, 2021

How to Avoid Blank Stares From Your Customer

About a year ago, I was facilitating a workshop at a client site. During the event, I used an image of chain links in order to […]
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