Average Life Coach Career Salary: Do You Earn More?

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October 5, 2021
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October 6, 2021

Average Life Coach Career Salary: Do You Earn More?

What’s the average life coach career salary? Ever wondered how you stack up? Wonder no more, because we’ve broken down how much the average life coach earns, which coaching niches earn the most money and, if you feel like you’re lagging behind, how to increase your income too!

What is the Average Life Coach Career Salary?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, life coach career salaries range between $35,000 to $96,000 per year and a median life coach career salary is approximately $57,000. All these salary stats indicate that life coaches earn a handsome amount of money every year.

The life coaching field is a versatile one and there are many different types of coaching to specialize in. Coaches use different techniques, and methods to help their clients thrive in life. 

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The average life coach career salary varies from one type of coaching to another. Here’s a breakdown of median life coach income by coaching type:

  • Health coach: $20.60 per hour
  • Job coach: $14.71 per hour
  • Personal coach: $19.48 per hour
  • Life skills coach: $15.72 per hour

Factors that Determine a Coach’s Salary

There are various factors that determine a life coach’s salary. The most common determinants are as follows:

Training and certification – Experts in the life coaching field always recommend certification and companies also require a coaching certification before hiring you. Furthermore, the accreditation body is also important. For example, you are going to earn more when you get your credentials from an organization approved by International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Niche – A life coach’s salary depends on their area of specialty. For example, health coaches are the highest paid among all life coaching niches.

Experience – Experience is also one of the most important determinants. Experienced life coaches typically earn far more than less experienced coaches.

Geographical location – Location is one of the primary factors used in benchmarking coaching rates. For example, life coaches in big cities earn more than those working in suburban areas.

Working hours – Working hours also determine a life coach’s salary. For example, full-time coaches earn more than those working part-time.

Factors that Determine a Coach’s Salary

Every profession demands some skills and traits to allow professionals to excel in their careers. The same goes for coaching. The following are the skills and traits you need to be successful in coaching and boost your income:

  • Accumulate experience by helping your clients reach their goals.
  • Continue your professional development by keeping yourself updated and keeping up with the latest developments in the life coaching field. 
  • Develop your written and verbal communication skills. You must be able to adjust your communication style to the individual needs of clients. 
  • A life coach must be a compassionate individual who carefully listens to a client’s problems and responds with the utmost level of compassion and care.
  • A life coach must also be a keen observer and a creative person who always comes up with practical and effective solutions to the problems faced by their clients.
  • A life coach must also be a keen observer and a creative person who always comes up with practical and effective solutions to the problems faced by their clients.
  • To earn good income from coaching, a life coach must be entrepreneurial. For example, you can tap into multiple income streams to increase your coaching business’s bottom line.

Have more ideas? Get a pen and paper and do some brainstorming to see how you can boost your coaching income!

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